What is Subscription Genius?

Web-based  subscription management software  with a neat subscription e-commerce checkout  and an automated renewal  marketing campaigns.

Automate Renewals Set the parameters for your renewals and let us do all the heavy lifting, while you sit back, relax, or work on your golf game. Checkout Page Quick to set up, simple to customize, easy to checkout. Integrate with some of your favorite payment processors; Authorize.net and PayPal. Option to Invoice Starter issues, different billing and mailing addresses, and the option to self send? Oh my! Online invoicing made easy.
Address Verification Eliminate duplicate mailings and you could save up to $2,400 a year in postage alone. It happened for one of our clients, it can happen for you! 24/7 Access With online access to your account, you're no longer chained to the obsolete computer at the office. Access your account online from anywhere. Secure The days of archaic subscription management are OVER. We have some overly obsessive backup habits and we take pride in it.

Go Genius

Focus more on your
publication and less
on subscription management.

Dashboard Campaign Scheduler Geographic Statistics Online Checkout
Connected Subscription Genius has the technology you need to grow your subscription base, prevent duplicate mailings, increase renewals, integrate purchasing and maintain consistent and accurate mailing lists.

Intelligent Management The built-in artificial intelligence of this subscription management software will automatically merge and extend subscription accounts making mail list management a breeze.

Market Yourself Create campaigns and fund raisers to build your subscription base and so much more! The right features in the right software solution for magazine publishing, newspaper publishing and any other form for circulation.


From the Subscriber user
experience to back-end
management. It's all taken care of.

Tied TogetherFrom address validations and renewal efforts to the checkout page and security. Subscription Genius is the complete package for all things subscriptions.

Wordpress CentralA Wordpress plugin allows you to connect your Subscription Genius account to your Wordpress site and create a subscriber-only login area using the same login information.

Big Picture

See subscription management
for opportunities and instead
of the just renewals.